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How Hot Does A Campfire Get? (And Everything Else About Campfires)

Have you ever wondered about campfires? It is a constant camping companion that is used for many things, but have you ever been curious enough to ask, how hot does a campfire get?

My family and I went camping about two weeks ago, and as part of our routine, my husband set up a pit to build a campfire. Later that night, we gathered around to eat s’mores then suddenly, one of my sons asked me that question.

I looked at him with a puzzled expression on my face and could only answer with the general response of: “Really hot, so don’t get too close!

When we got home, I was so curious that I decided to search for the answer so that I can give him a better answer the next time it comes up.

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Camper On A Budget: 3 Cheap Coleman Fuel Substitutes To Save Money

Fire – it is considered to be one of man’s greatest discoveries, fueling the path of our evolution. Over time, man has engineered this substance to his will, creating tools to quickly ignite a flame and fuel to keep it going.

Spending time camping outdoors has once again become a popular activity for people to get away from daily life, so many companies have come up with tools and products to help campers.

A highly used outdoor product is Coleman Fuel, which is used for camping stoves and lanterns. But what is it, and are there Coleman fuel substitute?

Today, we’re going to look at some alternatives that you can use other than Coleman Fuel when you need to keep a fire going while camping – because that stuff isn’t cheap!

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How To Make A Diy Tarp Tent

Are you planning on going ultralight for your next camping trip? Well, it might be time to ditch that big tent of yours and go for a DIY tarp tent instead.

My husband and I tried out the tarp tent years ago before we had our sons when we decided to go on an ultralight, multi-day hike. It’s a great way to ditch all the unnecessary things that come with a regular tent and strip it down to the basics.

Today, I’m going to help you make your own tarp tent that you can adjust into a number of different configurations. Preparation of the tarp is quite simple, but building the structure can be a challenge, especially if it is your first time.

So, let’s get through it together, shall we?

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Black Star Canyon: The Trail With A Bloody History

Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.

Lovelle Drachman

Curiosity – it is the driving force that pushes us to go out and explore the vast world around us. It is what draws us into places that are full of rich stories and ancient folklore. On such a beautiful world rests a very special destination that has drawn in crowds of people, flocking to see if there is truth behind the many stories that are shared about the area.

Arguably the most haunted park in Orange County, California, and notorious for the many legends that have been told about it, Black Star Canyon is one of the places you can go to satisfy that curiosity inside you.

But what makes the place so creepy and terrifying that there are countless tales about it? And are ‘ghosts’ the only thing you’ll see during a Black Star Canyon Hike? Or is there more to the park than just restless spirits?

Today, we’ll be taking a visit to the infamous park where you will learn about the history that makes it the “most haunted place in Orange County”, as well as information you will need in order to enjoy a hike there – ghosts or no ghosts.

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Top 5 Most Interesting Hiking Movies (#3 Will Inspire You!)

As an awesome mom and a dedicated hiker, I made sure to convert my family to the love of hiking as much as I can. While I love my two sons to death, I have loved hiking longer – I’m just kidding boys.

I consider myself to be the only one who’s ready to take action in the family. I mean, my two awesome sons and loving husband are all daring, but I guess forcing them to go hiking with me once a week is too much to ask.

If you’re in the same situation as I am, I have something to get your companions revved up. Here’s how: show them these best hiking movies.

Honestly, at first, I didn’t know that it has that kind of effect on them. The next thing I know it, my boys were waking us up first thing in the morning to get ready for hiking. Let me help you out with the 5 interesting best hiking movies to see!

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