If you’re planning to hike, selecting the proper boots is essential. Sturdy footwear that give you’re the protection and encouragement that need because trekking is an absolute need.Unfortunately, it’s not every person who hikes enough to warrant a specific boot for hikers, and you might be thinking about whether Doc Martens are suitable for hiking.

While you can undoubtedly go hiking in Doc Martens, they’re not designed for use as boots to wander in and are recommended for easy and short walks.

Doc Martens have been around since 1947. Workers first wore them in factories and police officers. Fast forward several years, and they are nowadays extremely popular with a wide range of subcultures and are popular across a variety of styles. Their distinctive style and flexibility have kept them in the spotlight for many years.

Are Doc Martens Good For Hiking?

The quick answer is that Doc Martens aren’t the best hiking boots. As with Blundstones, they’re better employed in quieter or city settings. If you’re in a calmer area, they might not harm your sanity on a few trails; however, any challenging hike of Docs isn’t a great experience.

They are made to provide comfort. However, It is not suitable for hikes. Since they were intended to be work boots, Docs can stand well for short excursions. However, you’ll likely be uncomfortable. If you take a longer hike, you’ll probably be afflicted with pain and observe the absence of features suitable for hiking.

Doc Martens History

Doc Martens origins date back to Munich in the aftermath of WWII. A former army soldier doctor. Klaus Martens created a new boot to aid in the process of helping his injured foot heal. Traditional boots had a sturdy sole made of leather, and in 1945 Marten invented an air-cushioned sole. Marten presented a concept to a friend of an engineer at university.

Doc Herbert Funk and Marten were partners. After that, production officially began and, by 1959, they had plans to market abroad. In England, The Griggs Company noticed the product and obtained a license to the boots. Shortly after that, the shoes were modified, and today we have the prototype of the famous Doc Marten. First, the yellow stitching, overall design and heel loop in yellow and then released in the form of “Airwair”.

Docs were initially worked boots worn by blue-collar British citizens. In the 70s and throughout the 1980s, Docs were used by British youth and anti-establishment groups. Then, musicians began wearing them on the stage.

Due to their punk heritage, Docs exploded with the rock scene of the 90s, but they waned at the beginning of 2000. After that, docs were introduced to fashion again and rose to popularity. Doc Martens are now fashionable shoes, not designed for hiking or work; however, they’re an incredible product with a rich and long-lasting history.

Why Aren’t Doc Good Hiking Boots?

Despite Docs’ origins as a work boot, they’re not equipped that make a good hiking boot.

Below is a list of the characteristics that hiking boots typically have:

  • Traction
  • Ankle support
  • Durability
  • Protective qualities
  • Comfort
  • Waterproof or water-resistant
  • A reasonable weight (Varies in lighter-duty models versus made models)

Many of the issues Docs encounter on the trail is due to their inability to meet these attributes. Although I’m not saying that a pair of Docs will break and leak, slip or cause discomfort on any trail, they will be as good as boots designed specifically for hiking.

There’s no major issue for a few casual hikes; however, once you start serious treks or the conditions are poor, you’re out of luck. The soles aren’t made to offer much traction. They’re not designed to provide adequate leg support. Additionally, vast quantities of water could make your feet wet.

In terms of protection, feet are generally be protected from scrapes or sharp rocks; however, you’ll probably suffer from foot pain or blisters if you walk more than the distance of a couple of miles or spend a relaxing day outdoors. Certain Doc Martens are heavy enough for long hikes, but it varies according to the design. A good illustration of heavier models is the platform shoes.

Doc Marten Platform boots are identical to the Doc Marten platform boots but with a thicker sole. If you have a pair of platform Docs, it is best to avoid walking in them in any way since they are not suitable for hiking compared to traditional Docs.

The truth is that Docs were not explicitly designed for this purpose, and regardless of how amazing they may be, they will cause problems in using them in the trails. Docs are better suited for sidewalks and streets, music venues, or even a relaxing workplace.

Pros and Cons of Doc Martens


  • Full-grain leather to ensure toughness
  • Outsoles with no-slip features (Still not as good as the traction of hiking-specific boots)
  • Lace-up boots can stop slips and slip off your shoes on your feet.
  • The cushioned insole can help to keep your feet comfy, but you’ll suffer from some discomfort because of the absence of specific features for comfort during hiking.
  • Many models to pick from
  • Very air-conditioned
  • Beautiful, stylish, and great-looking product


  • Traction isn’t as competitive as hiking boots
  • While challenging, Docs have difficulty keeping up with the demands of long hikes and trails.
  • Water-resistance isn’t built to withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor weather on trails.
  • Specific Doc models weigh more than the ideal hiking boot, particularly on long walks or backpacking.
  • Easy potential for blisters
  • If your feet are not damaged in your shoes, they could cause injury to your feet a significant amount
  • The fashion-forward style of a Docess does not make it a flexible option

How To Make Docs Better For Hiking?

If you’re not able to miss out on a fantastic hike or your pals Docopped last-minute plans on your behalf, you could be concerned about wearing your Doc Martens for an adventure. You’ll, however, need a few technologies to create much use of your situation if you find yourself in a tight spot.

A lot of pairs of Docs are known for their difficult breaking-in period. If your boots aren’t entirely adjusted the proper way, it’s not a wise option to embark on any treks in them, particularly when they’re not long.

A couple of pairs of hiking-style high socks will also benefit by reducing your amount of movement and, hopefully, reduce your risk of developing blisters. Finally, an adequately tied boot will be of great benefit.

If they fit too tight, there are hiking boot tying methods on the internet to avoid slipping or causing problems in various regions of your feet. Although Docs are waterproof, compared to other hiking boots, these aren’t as water-resistant.

To improve their water resistance, purchase waterproofing products to ensure that they can stand against rain or snow. We would also suggest choosing it as a well-maintained, simple, and well-maintained trail with minimal elevation changes.

What Can Doc Martens Handle?

Although Docs aren’t the best hiking boots, They’ll still stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use. They became famous for a reason, and If you’re looking for an excellent urban boot that stands up to snow, rain and a lot of usages, they’re a perfect option.

Docs are also referred to as festival wear or an excellent choice for shows or events. However, following their transition from a boot for work, Docs are much better for casual wear.The benefit of their status as a preferred choice for factory workers, mail carriers, and others. The reality is that most Docs include various work boot-style features. It’s not quite right to place Docs into a boot for hiking since that’s not their primary purpose.

After the long break-in time, hunDoceds of people stand at their ease. The boot has become the most popular fashion accessory; however, its construction is not for outdoor use. If you decide to purchase Doc Martens, you’ll have a fantastic product that can stand for a long time but don’t take them out on the trails.


Doc Martens boots are the most well-known, iconic piece of footwear with reasons. They’re considered an excellent investment that lasts for a long time when used for casual wear or daily wear, as well as a boot for urban use. Many people worldwide swear by Docs as their preferred boot, and their excellent reputation has led to them being a frequently utilized product.

They don’t perform when you go on rough terrain, challenging trails, and outdoor pursuits. They don’t perform. No matter how harsh it sounds, it isn’t their purpose. However, it’s essential to keep in mind the purpose of the product it was designed for and know that if you apply products that aren’t compatible with the intended use. You will see it suffer, and you will likely suffer as well.