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I’m Rita Myers, and camping is one of my utmost passions. Growing up near the base of a mountain, hiking and camping have been in my system since I was just a little girl. My love for camping and hiking stayed with me well into adulthood. Now, as a mother of two boys and a wife, I keep my passion alive by bringing my family outdoors. Of course, my family isn’t always up to it, so I write these articles and tips in the hope that you and your family can enjoy the great outdoors like I do!

What Is The Best Propane Fire Pit For 2017?

There’s nothing like a nice, warm fire to roast some marshmallows on or cuddle around during a cold night while camping. But sometimes, building a wood fire can take some time and might be difficult for those who are inexperienced. That’s where propane fire pits come in. A propane fire pits is a versatile outdoor […]

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What Is The Best Penetrating Oil For 2017?

Have you ever been so frustrated with a stuck tent or sleeping bag zipper that you were just tempted to take out your utility knife and slice it open? I have – multiple times. After a number of frustrating camping trips and even more angry attempts at getting my zippers to open, I’ve finally found something that […]

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The 5 Best Backpacking Cookware Of 2017

Refueling after a long day of backpacking is really important. Sometimes freeze-dried meals will do the trick, but other times, you might find yourself longing for a proper hot meal. This is where the best backpacking cookware comes in, to give you that extra bit of comfort through a freshly cooked meal, while you’re high up […]

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