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How to Attach Hiking Stick Medallions

How to Attach Hiking Stick Medallions

Where to attach hiking stick medallions is an important first step in showing off your accomplishments while out on the trail. On your next hike, you don’t want to lose all of your hard-earned medals.

How to attach hiking stick medallions is something I’m going to teach you in detail. Let’s begin with the fundamentals.

Hiking Stick Medallions: How to Attach Them?

The nails that came with your hiking medallions may be used to secure them to your hiking stick once you’ve bent them around it. This will keep them in place for many years to come. If you want an even more secure grip, you can use epoxy or glue.

Put your walking stick in its place.

You’ll want to start by preparing your walking stick. Your trekking or walking stick will hold your hiking medallions.There are a variety of other places you may attach one, though, including mountain bikes and backpacks.

As a result, you have considerable leeway and flexibility in terms of how you apply your hiking medals.Most hikers come here to flaunt their hiking medallions, and it’s easy to understand why.

To avoid the trekking medallions wrapping completely around your hiking stick, use a wood species with a thickness of at least two inches. Prepare your trekking stick before moving on with this step.

Sealing is common on hiking sticks. You’re good to go if your trekking stick is already finished.

Apply a final layer of polyurethane or wax after that. This will seal your trekking stick and provide a beautiful surface to which you can apply your hiking medallions.

What are you doing with your medallions?

Next, you’ll have to roll your medallions. We’ve been doing this for years to keep our medallions in place, although it may seem unusual to some. This is how it works.

The medallion should be attached to your trekking stick. Notice how the flat medallion is attached to the round stick on both sides. Roll the medallion’s edges around your trekking stick carefully. In this way, they will be shaped exactly like your stick.

You could find it difficult to bend your trekking gear, so let me provide some advice for you.

When it comes to the medallion’s surface, this can easily ruin the complex decorations. The needle-nose pliers can harm the medallion if they’re not wrapped in a piece of extra linen.

Your medallion should be bent carefully. You don’t want to bend the medallions too much, which can harm both the medallion’s looks and its structural integrity.

Keep the distance between the medallion and the stick as small as possible. There will always be some space between the walking stick’s medallion and the shaft, but you want it to be as little as possible to minimize dirt accumulation.

The needle-nose pliers aren’t done yet. The following phase will necessitate their assistance.

Slowly hammer

Nailing a hiking medallion to your stick is the most common method. You should have received a few little nails with your medallion, and there should be a few nail holes around the borders. The most difficult component of adding trekking medallions is this step.

When I talked about having a pair of needle-nose pliers on hand, I meant it. They come in handy in this situation. We’ll use the needle-nose pliers to keep those little nails from becoming bent.

The thickest section of the needle-nose pliers will accommodate the nail, so insert the nail there first before removing it. In order to keep our nail in position as we hammer it into the walking stick, we’ll slide the needle-nose pliers back.

A common complaint I’ve heard from first-time hikers is that the nails on their trekking medallions flex too easily. I blame this on the needle-nose pliers technique they don’t know!

Take your time and be patient. You don’t want to risk damaging your medallion by missing or hitting it. You may even use a scrap of fabric to protect your medallion in case it gets knocked about by mistake.

Hiking Advice from an Expert

I have a major piece of advice for you. If possible, avoid using glue or epoxy.

Wood and hiking medallions can be harmed over time by glue and other substances. I’ve known people who secured their hiking medallions years ago with little more than a couple of tiny nails, and they’re still securely in place.

Medallions on hiking sticks: frequently asked questions

Is there anything you’d want to know about hiking medallions? I’ll answer a few additional questions concerning hiking sticks.

A wide variety of retailers offer hiking medallions for sale. The National Parks Service is the most prevalent source of hiking medallions. Plenty of third-party vendors and artisans sell medallions online.

What Hiking Stick Medallions Do I Need?

Hiking medallions are available in a variety of styles. When you finish hiking at a specific spot, you’re expected to receive a hiking medallion. Many hikers believe that you should only receive a hiking medallion after completing a previous trek.

Medallions can be attached to a variety of hiking sticks.

For medallions, a wood hiking staff is the ideal option. Using this will allow you to nail in the medallions and give the room a more rustic feel. Just glue or epoxy your medallions onto fiberglass or metal hiking sticks.

You’re now all set for another hike.

What’s the first medallion you’re going to affix to your hiking stick nowadays that you understand how to do it? Invaluable mementos from hikes are my favorite kinds of medallions. Getting a hiking medallion is more than just a means to brag about your accomplishments; it’s an excellent way to relive the memories of past adventures.

Before you go out and get the best hiking stick medallions, what should you keep in mind?

Product value and quality are important considerations, as are the company’s capabilities and specifications, as well as the views and ratings of its customers.

What are some of the finest hiking stick medallions on the market at the moment?

Medallion for a hiking stick depicting a black bear and smoky mountains

It is a high-quality trekking stick medallion with a black bear in the Smoky Mountains. Three-dimensional renderings of the bear’s characteristics The state’s most popular national park is the Great Smoky Mountains. The popularity of hiking medallions is growing rapidly in the United States. In addition, they have been a status symbol in Europe for a long time. Walking sticks, paddles, and other similar implements can be used to gently form these medallions. Pre-drilling holes for your medallion’s protective nails is recommended.

Additionally, they may be flattened and attached to other flat surfaces, such as RVs.

Mountain ranges that are smoky

The bear and cub medallion features a bear and a hiking stick.

In terms of the number of visitors, the magnificent Smoky Mountains National Park is the most popular destination in the United States.

With a little work, such medallions may be shaped to go on trekking sticks, paddles, and other such items. Your medallion should be attached by pre-drilling holes for blanketed nails.

The Walking Stick medallion from the Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is one of the twentieth century’s greatest creations. The trekking stick medallion is the most convenient and easy to attach.

I guarantee you’ll be pleased with the quality of the walking stick. Attaching your medallion is best accomplished by pre-drilling holes for your covered nails. Additionally, they may be flattened and attached to other flat surfaces, such as RVs.A hiking stick medallion depicting the American flag

United States of America-Hiking Stick Medallion Great Seal

The Great Seal of the United States of America is depicted on this trekking stick pendant. As a symbol of your love for our country, it is an ideal complement to any trekking stick. In order to fit on trekking sticks and other canoe or kayak handles, these medallions can be softly shaped to do so. In order to attach your medallion, pre-drilling the holes for the included nails is usually recommended. They may also be flattened and adhered to various flat surfaces, such as RVs.

Hiking stick medallions from the Grand Canyon National Park are available.

This beautiful pendant will serve as a lasting reminder of your trip to the Grand Canyon. Making holes for the covered nails prior to attaching your medallion has been recommended.They can be flattened and secured.

The military unit’s hiking stick insignia

Show your pride in the United States Marine Corps when you’re out on the trails. Use an eye-catching Marine Corps hiking stick medallion to make a statement. With each step forward, you’ll be demonstrating the Marine Corps’ core beliefs. Your resolve will be put on display in front of the world’s top pressure fighters. The well-known American seal is depicted in durable steel on this wall medallion. With brass nails, each one has a curved shape. This commemorative medallion is made of a brass alloy and given a vintage look.

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