How to Get to Havasu Falls Without Hiking

How to Get to Havasu Falls Without Hiking


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The magnificent Havasu Falls is each adventurer’s perfect waterfall journey’s end. So what is it that makes it so gorgeous? It is situated within Grand Canyon, Arizona, famous for its vast and stunning beauty.With increasing popularity, entry to Havasu falls is now a requirement for a permit. Apart from the hiking option, there are various ways of transport regardless of whether the trip is worth it.

Being a component of the Havasupai tribal areas, the culture surrounding the falls is even more attractive to explore. Over the course of 800 years, this tribe has made the Grand Canyon their home, and there are currently 600 members of a tribe.

How to Get to Havasu Falls Without Hiking?

This hike is a 10-mile round-trip. Taking the elevation drop of 2,500 feet and precisely the same elevation gain in return is a planned full-day excursion. The trek down can take approximately 4 hours, and the return trip up could take 7 hours.

It’s not tricky technically; however, the amount of time on your feet needs an amount of fitness and determination to complete. It’s considered a strenuous workout, but it’s the best because of the complete immersion into the natural world and in the wild.

The trail is straightforward to follow, and you’re likely to be joined by trekkers when you set out on foot. A permit for exploring the Havasupai region is a popular option and if you’re eligible to get the license as soon as you can, make sure to do it.

Start your day earlier than is possible with plenty of fluids and snacks. Know your limits and make an emergency plan of contact.

·  Guide Tours by Horse

The opportunity to ride a horse became a standard method to see the magnificent Havasu Falls. But, as time has passed, the attraction has waned in popularity; however, it’s still an alternative. It is not everyone’s desire to go out walking around on their feet, but riding a horse can be a sort of unique experience.

·  Waterfalls of the Grand Canyon: 

Bring your horse to the park requires you to pay fees and provide food to your animal. If you live at Havasu Lodge, the lodge can arrange a horses ride for you. The tourism office will assist those who are camping.

·  Guide Tours by Mule

The Havasupai Tribe has their mules to provide visitors with. Please note that reservations for mules in packs have to be made before the time of arrival. Reservations are made via this site. The use of animals in groups is becoming less frequent for personal transport to Havasu due to the animals’ health. They are, however, always ready to help you carry your equipment.

·  Havasupai Tribe Service: 

The Havasupai Tribe offers a unique day travel service in which a pack mule transports your bags and personal belongings.Mules allow people of all ages and levels to experience the stunning beauty of the waterfalls and the area’s natural beauty.

Note: A pack mule can carry up to four bags with a max capacity of 32 pounds for each bag. The maximum dimensions are 39 inches in length, 18 inches of height and 19 inches’ of width.

·  Controversy with Treatment of Horses and Mules

There has been some controversy over animals’ treatment and their use in transporting tourists across the Havasupai Reservations. Most people strongly discourage using any business that provides packs of animals-based tours. However, it appears that all companies that have been involved in delivering these guided tours in the aftermath of a case of abuse to animals should not be considered lightly.

Visitors have filed complaints of abuse in an attempt to protect the horses and stop the apparent maltreatment; however, since they’re dealing with an Indian tribal administration, it appears that there was no change permanent proposed.

· Guided Helicopter Tours

For those looking to reduce time and avoid trekking 10-miles from Havasu Falls, a helicopter tour offers a special kind of experience. Particularly families with children as well as those who are physically fit.

·  Falls of water in the Grand Canyon

The same company that gives Mule and Horse guide tours also offers helicopter tours to Havasu Falls. These three options are excellent ways to visit the falls and not have to hike 10 miles to reach them.

The price can be an alteration, and the helicopter runs according to first to come, first served. Supai inhabitants is always given preference while using the facility.

The helicopter provides views of the surroundings and the landscape wildlife that anyone can experience from the top. The views of the blue waters from the top is a memory that will last an entire lifetime.

Riding Dirt Bike Towards Havasu Falls

Dirt bikes and mountain bikes aren’t permitted on the trails. At present, the only way to explore the area is by hiking or helicopter or by taking an organized tour using a horse or mule. A mountain bike is a risk in this area and could need a lot of walking.

The tribe’s inhabitants aren’t even using other forms of transportation other than horses and walking to protect the region in the best way possible. In addition, dirt bikes can generate noise and disturb the peaceful surroundings and wildlife.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to visit Havasu Falls without hiking, but it is a must to plan and ensure you’ve got a permit to travel to the area before. You can take in the beauty of the site by an air-craft, mule or horse-driven tour.

However, pack animals are better in charge of transporting your backpacks than you because of the care and overall health that the animal receives. The physical benefit of tackling an adventure on foot is unparalleled and is highly recommended.

Havasu Fall is a fantastic experience. For those who are awestruck by the incident and are eager to explore the beauty of nature. Prepare in advance, pay attention to the animals, and be mindful of everything the adventures that await you.