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How To Make Money From Hiking

How To Make Money From Hiking

In order to never work a day in your life, find a career that you like doing. When pondering future job possibilities, keep this sound advice in mind.

There is an often-overlooked drawback to converting a pastime into a moneymaker before considering your other possibilities. For a short period of time, they relieve us of the burden of household duties and paperwork. When a pastime turns into a company, some of the fun might be lost in the shuffle of new responsibilities.

However, if done correctly, it is possible to strike a delicate balance between work and leisure.

Production of Written and Audiovisual Materials

Creating material from your hikes is a terrific way to monetise hiking excursions. Your hiking-related material may be made into money via a variety of mediums, including videos on YouTube, podcasts, and blog posts.

For example, you may evaluate the most popular paths in your neighborhood or composite footage of the world’s most beautiful hiking destinations.

A fresh twist on podcasts may be to record the podcast while you and your guest are walking in the woods. Exercise, accompanied by the sounds of nature, is guaranteed to elicit thought-provoking exchanges.

Writing a blog is one of the easiest ways to make money from a hobby like travel or trekking.

Ads, affiliate partnerships, and user subscriptions may all be generated using any of these content-generating methods. It’s important to keep in mind that a lot of hard work is required to create an audience before the money comes in.


The natural beauty that surrounds a hiking route is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the experience. Amateur photographers may capture this natural splendor with the aid of a good camera and a few tutorials. Prints of your woods photographs can be sold at local art festivals, on internet stock photo sites, or through a consignment arrangement at cafés and hotels where they may be displayed for sale.

It’s possible to start your own paid photography lesson along the trails with a small group of interested students after you have some traction and polished technique.

The National Park Service or other local entities that maintain natural parks may be an option for you if you actually enjoy spending time outdoors. While the competition for these positions can be fierce, the payoff is typically well worth the effort.

Your job may require you to spend days on end hiking routes to check for hazards, watch animal movements, or keep an eye out for fellow hikers. As a bonus, you’ll never get bored because of the national parks’ extensive network.

Tours Guided by Experts

If you live close to prominent hiking routes or notable mountain ranges, you may be able to share your passion for hiking with like-minded tourists. There are a wide variety of hiking tour groups, ranging from big groups of rookie hikers to small groups of experienced hikers. Assuming you reside in a wine-producing region or a gastronomic hotspot, you might plan a multi-tiered day trip that includes hiking in the morning and tastings in the afternoon.

You should investigate local legislation before you begin charging hiking tour groups for their services. Forbidding unaffiliated guides from providing paid tours is common in many parks and maintained trails. Make sure to verify with the regulatory agencies for any relevant requirements.


Real-world users test and promote outdoor gear businesses’ products. Even if you don’t plan on competing in the sport of hiking, these companies may pay you to wear their gear and exhibit their branding

For this position, you’ll need a substantial amount of work experience and a strong record of success. Things become a little muddled when money is involved, but it shouldn’t detract from your enjoyment of spending time in nature.

Get a job as a park ranger.

Consider becoming a park ranger if you have a deep love for the outdoors and want to contribute to the preservation of both local and national parks. Even though it does require some formal education and the job market is crowded, it’s not surprising that this is such a lucrative position.

Included in the duties of park rangers are the following:

Patrolling parks and enforcing laws and regulations; Coordination of park restoration initiatives; First aid and emergency medical assistance

Even though becoming a park ranger involves more than just hiking, you’ll still get plenty of time in nature and exposure to fresh air every day.

Arrange Hiking and Backpacking Trips

However difficult it may be to get a job guiding hikes or camping excursions, starting your own tour business is still an option.

With any luck, it will take some time and persistence to land a position with a hiking tour firm. With a shortage of leading roles, the rivalry for available positions is fierce. You’ll need a lot of trekking and backpacking expertise as well as a strong ambition to start your own business from the ground up in order to be successful. It’s a lofty goal, but it’s possible.

Join the ranks of the wildland firefighters. If this is the case, you should start thinking about a career in wildland firefighting right now.

According to a teacher of mine, wildland firefighting is like “high-speed gardening.” His conclusion appears to be spot on. As a wildland firefighter, you are responsible for the following responsibilities:

Excavating and burning firelines (removal of flammable materials such as trees, brush, etc.)

Backcountry navigation and route-finding, as well as firefighting equipment repair and maintenance,

Wildland firefighters put in a lot of hours—70 or more a week, at a minimum—but they are highly rewarded. A year’s wage can be earned in only one season of roughly 4-6 months for many of these workers. Wildland firefighting, like many of the other hiking-related careers on this list, is particularly competitive because of this.

To be considered for a career in wildland firefighting, you must have completed the required training, be in excellent physical shape, and be ready to travel for weeks or months at a time upon request.

Apply for an Outdoor Company to Sponsor You

If you’re a big fan of hiking and have a large internet following, you may be able to get paid by outdoor firms to spread the word about their products.

These outdoor companies are using well-known internet personas to promote their products to potential clients. In exchange for promoting a company’s products, these online celebrities receive free gear, money, or both.

Unless you’re a well-known figure in the hiking world, relying on sponsorships to generate a full-time career is unrealistic. Hikers who are ready to pitch things in return can find plenty of free gear and money. The first step is to create a blog or YouTube channel, as well as a social media presence.