Wondering Where To Buy Hiking Shoes In Vancouver?

Vancouver has a lot of great outdoor stores for hiking boots.Although online buying has become increasingly frequent and convenient, most people still prefer to visit a store in order to choose the perfect hiking boots. No one likes to discover that their boots don’t fit after traveling 50 kilometers into the countryside to get there. There are several outdoor businesses in this area, but these are some of the best hiking boots available in the city.

The best destination in British Columbia for outdoor enthusiasts provides a wide variety of equipment, but what’s more significant is that the personnel there is well-versed in the latest hiking footwear models. Because of this, you’ll most likely discover the perfect shoe in no time, then you’ll be pleased with the results that when you’re on the trail. Some of the brands are Saloman, Scarpa, Zamberlan, and Keen, to name a few. MEC’s brand is the most affordable.

Eco-friendly sports

Eco Outdoor Sports was founded in 1997, and it’s proud to be Canada’s largest retailer of The North Face products. From sleeping bags to luggage to snow jackets, they have it all. People can also buy clothes, shoes, equipment, gear, and other things from brands like Icebreaker and Mountain Hardwear at the store. Expert advice and a lot of excitement await you at the flagship store in Vancouver, which means you’ll get help and encouragement from the staff there.

Eddie Bauer

The outdoor clothing store Eddie Bauer also sells hiking boots for cheap. Most people don’t know this. These shoes aren’t the best on the market, but they’re good for new hikers because they’re cheap and easy to get used to. This bright, airy shop is inside Oakridge Mall.


For what Atmosphere hiking boots don’t have in style, they make up for with their ability to get the job done. They also have ankle support and a waterproof liner, which helps keep your feet dry when walking in the rain. They’ll help you slip your foot into the right boot but be warned: these are pricey.

AJ Brooks

If you live in Vancouver, you won’t be able to find Meindl and Fjallraven anywhere else. The oldest outdoor shop in the city carries both of these brands. Both well-known European brands make durable, high-quality gear that looks both modern and old-fashioned at the same time. There are no small parts of hiking boots that aren’t thought about: from waterproof tongues to leather-tipped laces, these boots are top-notch.

Columbia Sportswear

It was founded in Portland and has been around for a long time. Indeed, the Vancouver store is often overflowing with products, but the great deals on weather-resistant hiking boots make the search worth it. Redmond, Grand Canyon, Peakfreak, Conspiracy, and many more are some of the brands that make shoes.

There is a question: How do I choose the right hiking boot?Keep in mind that the terrain in BC can be rough, so running shoes aren’t the best choice.

Tips on how to buy hiking boots that are good for hiking

  • Ask for help at the store.
  • Try on a lot of different pairs.
  • Make sure you buy a boot that is right for the type of hiking you do.
  • A good fit for your feet: Walk around for at least 15 minutes in each pair.
  • Make sure your foot does not move in the direction of the ground when you walk downhill.
  • Choose between a waterproof and breathable boot or one that is both.
  • As waterproof shoes don’t let air in, they can get very hot in the summer.

Centre of Peak

They are the best in Canada when it comes to customized training.” Whether you exercise for health, performance, or fitness, you are always motivated by the results you get from your workout. In the same way that your success is our goal, we are also driven by results.

Rough Shops

Today, they have three stores in Vancouver and Victoria that still provide great service. Because of a simple formula, we’ve grown and become more successful. “We have a friendly atmosphere, good advice, and high-quality bicycles.”

Simon’s Shop

Since its establishment in Downtown Vancouver more than 25 years ago, this business has become a landmark. Simon’s Shops is the name of the establishment. Are you seeking for locations to ride your road or mountain bike in Vancouver that include Rocky Mountain or Specialized trails? Simon’s Stores, located in Vancouver, sells the most up-to-date bicycles and bicycle accessories.